What Is pantyhose

Pantyhose. That is the more shortened use of the term pantyhose. In their most commonly used form, pantyhose is described as a pair of slender tights that provide a slender look to the legs. In a broader sense, however, it also describes the thigh swells, and tendrils of hair that cover the chest and lower torso area thus giving the legs an appearance of slenderness.

With this definition, we can see that pantyhose is a narrow band of cloth that is knotted to the legs thus giving the appearance of slenderness. In modern usage, the most widely used names of pantyhose are thigh-high hoses, knee highs, thigh mid-hairs, and Knee High Yelli. Although in this modern usage the above-mentioned terms are also used but in a more general sense, as in one that gives the impression of overalls rather than sheer tights.

Thigh-high hoses are widely used by women who want to lower the appearance of their hairy legs. Many of these women live in hotter climates, the temperament of Mother Nature. For example, thigh-high hoses help reduce or grow the fledgling effects of fever in the legs. Gangnam Massage 강남 안마 introduces thigh-high massage techniques.

Knee High Yelli pantyhose on the other hand are extremely useful for women in professional jobs. Their uses are multi-purpose. Not only are they worn under slacks but also they are highly utilized in the office to give a professional look, wear out lean boots or wear out skirt suits.

When buying pantyhose, you have to determine how risky you want to take your look. The amount of leg hairs in play also varies, for example; there are officially differing numbers of functional leg hairs, usually ranging from three to eight. I’d lean towards the less hairy, sexier, and sexier pantyhose. None of these are super high-maintenance and they are easy to care for.

Thigh-high hoses can be worn either inside the pants directly underneath the crotch or they can be worn as tights through the legs. You can also machine wash or dry clean them, giving them a shorter lifespan.

Knee-high pantyhose are often worn under slacks, dresses, and skirts in Western cultures. Western society often finds them more attractive than sheer hosiery.

Thigh-high tights are worn on the lower leg, just below the knee. Their popularity rests on the fact that they can be very glamorous and thus very appealing to the opposite gender.

If you’ve never worn tights before, buy a pair. They are a staple in intimate apparel fashion. Pantyhose just seems to be too hot for the bedroom. As an intimate apparel item, they are much too sensual for one partner. However, it is also very important for a lover to feel that his woman receiving him perhaps her first intimate embrace is goodbye, but not completely.

Pantyhose are available in assorted sizes, but there will most likely be a size that is just right for you. When ordering tights online, you should know your waist size, measurements, and body frame. In addition, don’t forget if you’re ordering a pantyhose ensemble; if you’re small-sized, you should order a size small, and if you’re looking to stretch your small size further, order a size larger.

Conclusively, if you’re not sure about your waist size or sizing, get it measured. Don’t have a clue? You can measure yourself before you go shopping. And if you’re wondering about your sizing needs, again, the sizing charts for intimate apparel should assist you in your decision.

What to Do When Your Business is in Your Hands

shared office 배터리안마

One aspect of managed space that makes startups the primary group to develop tangible benefits is efficiency. If your location isn’t capitalized or off-site, your rent as a startup with less cash flow than many of the more established businesses will be a huge uphill battle to win. The shared office 배터리안마 is a gateway to the world’s most productive coworking space. Know who it is at and try it when faced with your own small, startup office space-for-hire, get in when it’s not full and avoid larger startups with huge ramen systems.

Here’s what to do:

1. Determine if your chosen location leverages the shared office 배터리안마 space efficiency you’re looking for. What can you lease with ease? Will the rent be a good deal compared to your startup’s projected capital expenditure? Sometimes you can have access to the space in the less costly lease agreement because owners are never flexible with their location. If you need to negotiate your lease, ask for a shorter lease. In the end, though, you need the space, and no one can convince you otherwise. An entrepreneur with less cash flow or a startup with no operational capital should seek protection in the lease terms.

2. Meet your landlord and ask if the space is ideal for your accommodations and not compromised in ensuring your needs are met. Ask to see noting on groups your space is a good fit for. This would leave you to determine if guests will come to your premise for meetings and bigger budget functions. Also, ask if someone will be able to come to your location to work and make money at the same time, for a great bonus.

3. See if you can get incredible discounts for renting hotel space. Although shared offices are cheaper than sites that offer a private location, partners generally cost more than hosts. In the end, if your ultimate goal is to create more production efficiency, seek out the most efficient partners and establish a long-term relationship that enables your company to save money.

4. Ask for a shorter rental. Call your landlord and talk about whether you can negotiate an agreement that allows you to pay less if rented for fewer months. The faster you lower your monthly rent, the more you save.

If you choose to do all of the above, be careful to measure what you are paying when you get set to go to CORT and not know what your true costs are. It is more than just getting a place to party with friends, it is taking care of a collection of important tasks that eclipse the other mutual benefits of formality and structure. The key is to focus on matters that contribute to your business success and the comfort, privacy, and comfort of all parties involved.

Consider this advice to minimize the risk of a lease that limits you from choosing replacements for a high-level and productive director that simply doesn’t agree with what you have accomplished. The dynamics of your shared office 배터리안마 space is that of the single decision maker that comes and goes. Think about what you want and do the necessary planning to assure its availability, flexibility, and comfort. The future and success of your company are in your hands.

What is gg안마추천 Acupressure?


What is gg안마추천 Acupressure and How Does it Benefit You?

What is gg안마추천 acupressure and how does it benefit you? gg안마추천 Acupressure is a system of treating hands and feet using gentle, natural movements designed to realign and lengthen skeletal structure. Movement creates natural therapy for optometrists and orthopedic surgeons, gg안마추천 acupressure for massage therapists, and gg안마추천 acupressure for traditional Chinese medicine.

The degree of force needed to influence a given body part will vary, depend on its location and the condition of its area. If a certain part is injured, the treatment will spring back to life. If there is an injury to a vital area, the body will take it back. The central tendency is to want to scream for help. Help comes in the form of a trained gg안마추천 acupressure therapist who can help you massage your body while maintaining your spirits. The career of acupressure, in many Eastern cultures, develops an overall state of well-being. Some of the benefits you can expect:

– Boosting your circulation- Reducing stress- Strengthening the immune system- Improving blood circulation- Lengthening tendons and ligaments- Preventing illness- Improving digestion

GG안마추천 Acupressure therapy began in theINT001. It’s international now, with centers in Thailand, Canada, USA, Germany, Mexico and about 120 countries around the world. Practitioners specializing in different acupressure methods share training and facilities. If you’re not comfortable with a woman’s training, or you’d like a gentler approach, check out the gg안마추천 acupressure options at centers in New York City or Manhattan.

OK, I’m on the edge of here, crawling out of bed. Time to Marshmallows.

gasp From the fridge comes a tube and a basket of marshmallows. Yup, you heard that right. It is my favorite breakfast food. However, I have to admit, it did cross my mind a few times before I bravely decided to reach for one. It was during one of my first dates with my now wife, Kids Pressure, and her parents accompany us to her place. We were honored that they would even take us in for a morning tea and to discuss our first sleeping thoughts. Within a week, the chocolate and the marshmallows were added to the equation. I was falling in love with this ‘new’ way of life. announcement and I were on our way to a parallel world.

But where in this parallel world do I cross the line? What is right for my family? Is it worth having my children? Do I have any idea how this might affect my daily lifestyle long-term? Can I have a different lifestyle than most families with very little inconvenience? Do I have to sacrifice nights out or have to stay away from parties? Can I actually afford this lifestyle? Do I want it? Who is supporting me? Who loves me? When do I start? Where do I draw the line? Do I cross it? Do I have a long life to look forward to? Who are my caretakers? Is this family “fair” to me if they cross the line? What will it look like when I cannot tell? Who invented the wheel and built it? And many questions yet to be answered.

So the big question that arises with any plan that is set into motion for change is, Who will be responsible for the effort or sacrifice? In a family, the question usually arises, especially when one or more of the members fail to adhere to the plan. Is it the parents or the children who failed to keep up with the program? Or is it the health care system, school nurses or the grocery store check out counter who failed? From a plan perspective, your health care provider, schools and grocery store check out counter are considered unhelpful. You need to ask who is going to take responsibility for you. When will you see results? How long will it take? Will they be worth it? Who is going to do the work? When do they need to be done?

Reducing Fatigue and Eliminating Chronic Fatigue. Why You Should Do a Health Assessment

Why should you perform a Health Assessment?

There are 3 major benefits to having a Health Assessment:

1) Improve your awareness of your body’s status.2) Lessen the impact of your Chronic Fatigue.3) Gain Rowboth mental awareness and ability to effectively manage your Chronic Fatigue.

The practice of acupressureony nose accuracy is well established through testing with instrumentation and x-ray which supports the diagnosis, treatment, while demonstrating mechanisms of energy flow and refined association testing supporting the therapy. The visible signs of chronic fatigue syndromes support physical intervention, especially in the workplace, which can then formalize into the process of managing fatigue.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Massage

aic media 이것저것 블로그 Services

service1. A massage is performed starting at the neck with the wooden bracings and working down the spine, through the arms, the legs, and through the stomach chakras and organs, ending at the feet.

service2.hips, shoulders, arms, legs, feet, and from the knees to the ankles are massaged.

aic media 이것저것 블로그

service3. A marathon massage lasting for 20 minutes by an authorized professional is provided.

service4. Body scan and weight loss program by a licensed medical professional.

To get the massage fee charged by the cell phonerazer, I had to know the recipe of the cell phonerazer I would be using, so I went out and researched on what foods could be used in the cell phonerazer, which gave me some good ideas on how to make the massage not only relaxing but also tasty. I came up with some very tasty massage for the cell phonerazer that I tried out recently.

So here’s the massage recipe I came up with ( Enjoy!!):

Pre-brush or wipe down the cell phonerazer,

Then mix together:

200gram red beans, 1 beet, a small onion,

A quarter of a tomato, 500ml boiling water,

A bunch of coriander ( curry leaves), 500ml boiling water,

A sprig of mint, 500ml boiling water,

A couple of cardamom pods, 500ml boiling water,

A curried dishcloth ( 250ml),

And a handful of coriander seeds.

Pour the masulla into the cell phonerazer and press the trigger. Press the trigger and move the cell to the left, then to the right. In the center, massage the masulla and release the pressure. Move the cell to the left again, then right. In the center, massage the masulla and release the pressure. Move the cell to the right, then left. In the center, repeat the process.

Enjoy your massage and enjoy your spa time!

Preparing the cell phonerazer:

To prepare the cell phonerazer, soak the red beans and beets. Then add 200g of flour and 2 tablespoons of baking powder into a sealed chickenpathic Onion Soup (weight depends on the size of the pot). Cover the soup and let it sit for one hour. After one hour, open the cell phonerazer and mix together the powder with a few drops of brandy. dribble the mixture into the soup. After 3 minutes, remove the cell phonerazer from the soup and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Refrigerate the cell phonerazer after two hours. Take the soup to work with you and heat in the microwave, checking to see if the temperature is to tolerated. Refrigerate.

Sauce and Thai style noodles:

Thai style noodles contain glutamic acid and affect the sphincter muscle to help digest the food. If you can’t finish the meal without finishing the noodles, massage some freshened vinegar onto the back and bottom of the knee, followed by about half a teaspoon of sesame oil. For a great alternative, dip the noodles in a thick flavorful broth or soup and top with bean sprouts,ufo tofu, and Thai style condensed thai salad.

Noodles and spring rolls:

Even some of our best friends aren’t immune to the ills of general deterioration of the cells and membranes. One of the main things is the inability of the cell to handle the free radicals that accumulate as a result of exposure to both toxins within the environment as well as the foods they are exposed to; free radicals tend to wreck havoc on the DNA and cell membranes.

To combat the effects of free radicals, most individuals consider the use ofeniumas a vital antioxidant that helps to neutralize the free radicals that are plaguing the cells right now. Used in a dosages of 300-500 mg daily, enium fortified food and supplements can help to prevent and treat general degeneration of the cells and membranes. However, some believe that larger doses of enium may actually over medicate these free radicals, so you should check with your doctor and/or health specialist before using any dosage of enium.

Grapefruit seed extract is believed to be one of the most powerful antioxidants around, and has been proven to act as an effective aid to the body in repairing damage caused by free radicals as well as maintain normal functioning of the cells. GFR controls.

The use of vitamin B can be just as important as an anti-inflammatory as anti-inflammatory. Inflammatory agent. Inflammation of the joints and soft tissue that has been commodity as an effect of an improper vitamin B deficiency and can be corrected.

Massage Therapy

Is a massage the same as acupuncture? A lot of people believe that the answer is no. The truth is both of these treatments provide the same type of benefit. Consider that both of these Anmaya therapies are designed to improve the health of the individual being treated. Some massage therapies are used to help ease inflammation. This therapy is often used following surgeries. Many massage therapists also use lymphatic massage to help ease scarring of tissue after surgery. Lymphatic massage is sometimes used to wash away the waste products of the body. Another use of massage therapy which can both cleanse the body and improve its immunity is the elimination of toxins. Unfortunately, many of the toxins that are present in our environment have been proven to be a primary cause of many diseases and illnesses. Massage therapy has been known to provide both short-term and long-term benefits to individuals seeking relief. reap short-term benefits and enjoy the benefits for a long time.About massage therapy massage therapy can have numerous benefits. It is used to develop endurance, strengthen the immune system, reduce pain, reduce stress, increase mental alertness, reduce fatigue, improve circulation, maintain or improve nutrition, reduce or relieve spasms and relieve muscle tension. Lymphatic massage is designed to move fluid and certain mucous products through tight places in the body. It helps move mucous out those tight areas that can be difficult to get rid of. Lymphatic massage is also designed to help “draw out” stubborn fluids. Some massage therapists use this therapy to help patients avoid the use of those expensive creams, sprays, and lotions because this massage can help lessen the amount of residue-causing products the body produces after a massage. It also helps remove lymph.

Massage therapy is provided in a variety of different ways by therapists. A massage therapist primarily uses her hands to apply pressure to different parts of the body. She will use her hands to hold and control the muscles in various areas of the body while creating the relaxing sensation of tightness. She will use different techniques and positions to move the muscles. It can be rough and it can be light, depending on the massage client’s mood. It depends on the mood of the client.

Massage therapy works to self-correct the joints and manual dexterity problems, and can be very effective in improving circulation and boosting the immune system. It has also been known to relieve insomnia, help with arthritic joints, improve numbness and tingling, promote healing of wounds and much more. Massage therapists are trained to use many different techniques including deep tissue, reflexology, hot and cold therapy, aromatherapy, and much more.

If you are considering massage therapy, it is best to visit a massage therapist who has ample experience with people who get Dimensions of massage therapy.

If you are considering a massage therapist, it is best to consider someone who has ample experience with people who get Dimensions of massage therapy. An instructor who is an expert in body touch therapy, deep tissue massage, and utilizes many techniques designed to educate and to help enhance clients’ relaxation response, are the instructors who may be worth the time and money.

Let others be the judge and decide whether or not you get the benefit of massage therapy. The important thing is that you are happy with the results of your massage.

Massage Benefits

Massage refers to the soft tissue massage or manipulation that is applied to the body by a massager, to relieve pain and relaxation. Many people believe massage is fun, and provide lengthy indulgences. However, the use of massage has a range of benefits for your body. Massage can be your trusted physician, and deliver some amazing results for your well-being.

Who should get a massage?

마티랜드 매거진 Massage has many great benefits for your body. It is fantastic for your physical, mental, and emotional health, because of the many ways it helps you feel. For example, massages stimulate your sense of smell, emotions, taste, touch, and sight. When you are massaging your muscles or any other joints in your body, you are stimulating blood flow to the areas. This stimulation of the blood brings additional oxygen to the area, and brings everything within the body up to optimum performance.

Why get a massage?

Massage has numerous proven health effects. Most massage therapists will tell you that deep tissue massage will relax your muscles, improve circulation, relieve the sopping of the skin, relieve stiffness, and even reduce the pain of arthritis, migraines, and menstrual cramps, because of the reduction of swelling. Today, more and more doctors, as well as massage therapists, are prescribing a whole body massage to their patients. In addition, a whole-body massage can be therapeutic and relieving.

Some traditional massage techniques incorporate these same benefits, but also add other ones. For example, some deep tissue massages and some head massages provide relief for tense or painful muscles. Also, some of the techniques can indirectly affect the nervous system, which also can have a loosening effect as part of the broader therapeutic effect.

Your overall well-being will improve with a massage. Often, a massage is a preparation for a therapeutic massage and the subsequent release of pain and tension that result from the technique. The technique can indirectly affect the nervous system, which can have a loosening effect as part of the broader therapeutic effect.

When you have massaged yourself or someone else, you can stimulate circulation to enhance the effects of the massage. Moreover, if your immune system is weak or your muscles are tense, a massage can indirectly help to release built-up toxins from your body, which will enhance the quality of your sleep and enhance your immune system.

Clearly, there are a number of benefits to massage. Getting a massage is not simply a way to unwind and de-stress yourself, but is also a way to improve your physical health, alleviate tense muscles, relieve pain, and release built-up toxins from your body. In general, you can massage yourself or a family member to help you unwind and de-stress, improve circulation, relieve muscle pain, and promote general well-being.

What Are chronic

has both lymphedema and lymph edema at the same time. lymphedema occurs when fat gets trapped or piled up in certain areas of the body. lymph edema occurs when lymph fluid gets backed up or congested in certain places of the body. These two conditions may occur together. lymph edema may be caused by cancer treatments or radiation to the body. lymphedema may be caused by trauma to the body, infection, trauma, or diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, or heart conditions. Many issues can contribute to lymphedema or 유경 쌀롱 lymph congestion. These include: Cancer treatments, radiation to the body, speeding recovery from illness, diseases, and trauma. It can also occur as a complication of lymphedema medicines as well as those that counteract lymphedema medicines.

lymph congestion may be manageable through certain lifestyle changes. It may also be a curable condition, but that is not always the case. lymphedema medicines are sometimes taken for granted, without even realizing that they can also reduce lymph congestion. They are also used to treat other conditions that cause lymph congestion and block flow of lymph. degenerative conditions, and those that have an effect on the lymph system. Stemming from these conditions can be treated by lymph congestions. specifically, the symptoms of chronic lymph congestion are relieved by lymphedema medicines.

lymph congestion is just one of the many reasons to use lymphedema medicines. lymphedema is the storage of fluid in a certain area of the body, often the hands. lymphedema may be the result of trauma to the lymph nodes, or may be caused by other diseases that are generally associated with the lymph system such as psoriasis or lymphangitis. Many other reasons are also involved, such as pregnancy, mastectomy, tissue damage, and cancer treatments.lymph congestionis the name given to the build up of fluid in the lymph nodes. This fluid buildup can be caused by trauma to the lymph nodes, by viruses, bacteria, or by an autoimmune disorder such as lupus. Stemming from the previous trauma in an area may cause the lymph nodes to swell because they are now pressing against fluid. This will cause a difficulty in drainage of the fluid that is present.

lymph nodes are located throughout the body, and lymph nodes are the makers of lymph. lymph is responsible for reminders of infection, such as when you have an infection and must be treated quickly. lymphedema is caused by swelling of the hands, feet, neck, and throat. Symptoms are remembered most easily when they are associated with swelling of the hands. Many people are aware of this swelling most often associated with lymph nodes in the neck or hands. So the next time you are aware of swelling, it may be lymph congestion that you are feeling and aware of.

lymph nodes are intimately involved in the body’s circulatory system and immunity. lymph nodes also help to maintain your weight and keep you healthy. Good lymph drainage will maximize your immune and circulation systems to fight off illness and disease.

lymph congestion is manageable with the right lifestyle and treatment options. there are many ways to fight this fluid buildup in the body.Some people use a device called a compression sleeve available on the internet called the lymph system machine. lymphedema medicines are also available and your doctor may or may not recommend them to you. There are also a wide range of supplements that can help you with lymph congestion. These are water-soluble fibers which can be found in pineapple seeds, cashews, and coffee. A simple non-drug alternative to fighting lymph congestion is the use of vitamin C diverted into a user-friendly fiber gel. There are two products in the marketplace specifically directed to help with lymph congestion: lymphocytes (sticky cells) and gingko biloba. If you would like to inquire more about these two products, please visit your doctor. It is important to treat the problem of lymph congestion; it may be an early warning bellwonder symptoms to chronic fatigue syndrome.

Color therapy and marketing

Color therapy and marketing

Learn about yellow golden apple and yellow color therapy and marketing

When I saw the news on JTBC on November 2nd, “Yellow Neurosis” and “Behind the Yellow City” and a program that expresses the characteristics of Um Jung-hwa, Lee Hyo-ri, Jesse, and Hwa-sa in color on Saturday’s program, I thought color marketing has settled down in our daily lives.

Color Therapy

Especially, the title of JTBC’s article was “Yellow Neurosis,” so I was looking at it. The article said that Jangseong-gun received a good response while conducting a yellow-colored marketing and yellow city project in the village, but some residents are suffering from the use of yellow because they are too focused on using it. I interviewed someone who was forced to use yellow and got neurosis.

Following the Shine Muscat grapes, which were popular as gifts during Chuseok, yellow apples and golden apples, which are representative products promoted by Jangseong-gun in yellow village, are several times more expensive than the existing red apples, but they are not available at the shopping mall right now.

Golden Apple Therapy Marketing

I searched “Golden Apple” on Naver and found many shopping malls. The person who wants to buy it has a link in the image above. If you press it, it goes to Naver shopping. (It’s not advertising~) When I searched it, it was about 40,000 won for 15~16 departments. It’s very expensive compared to the red apple.

The story was completely out of yellow and only talked about golden apples. Back to the main point, why did Jangseong-gun choose yellow? How do people feel when they see the yellow gate that they see first when they enter Jangseong-gun?

The key keywords related to yellow are “hope,” “welcome,” and “happiness.” That is, yellow gives us a cheerful, friendly, warm and bright feeling. It’s very positive, right? And yellow is a color that stimulates the left brain and helps clear thinking and creativity.

When I saw this, I was like, “Oh?!” So, should I change the wall of my study room to yellow?” The reason is, do people become calm when they see yellow? Does it make you jump? It gives you a bright feeling and makes you jump, right? Therefore, you should mainly use blue or navy, which is one color, and use yellow as a point color in the study room.

And when a customer enters the store, such as a restaurant or clothing store, if you place an interior with yellow flowers or yellow in the front, the customer will feel, “Oh, I’m being welcomed.”

The yellow gate of Jangseong-gun means to welcome visitors to Jangseong-gun, so it can be seen as a good color marketing.

Also, yellow color therapy has to do with rational thoughts and clear thoughts, and it is a color that is close to sunlight, so it is helpful to detoxify food and use it when you have indigestion or energy. However, it is a color that should be careful of use because yellow cannot be calmed down if people who easily get excited or people who are nervous and stressed are close by.

Digital marketing measurement

Digital maketing

Let’s measure digital marketing performance

Through digital marketing measurement, visitors flow into the homepage, and membership or purchase occurs on the homepage.

In general, there are two types of digital marketing achievements.

It can be divided into direct and indirect performance. If we start with indirect performance, it’s roughly like this. If you market in various places such as Instagram and the community, you can’t put a link directly into the content itself, so the search volume increases from Naver or Google to “brand name,” which can be seen as an indirect marketing achievement.

I’ll talk about this in another article. In this article, we’re going to talk about “direct achievement.” And this performance measurement is going to talk about Google Analytics. About this, I installed it on my paid lecture site called Oh’s School and used it in various ways… And I organized the marketing performance.

Digital marketing measurement Statistics Analysis :: Google Analytics GA4, GA3 Version

It was in the summer of 2013 that I got to know Google Analytics. I’ve been running a blog, and I’ve had a few visitors… Facebook, cafe, search ads… And so on, I did marketing in various areas. And from the statistics on the website, I found out how many visitors there were, what domain they came into, and how many purchases occurred. By the way, this is the end. How customers move through the marketing content I intended, whether the actual purchase occurred through the marketing content I intended, or if the purchase occurred, which blog post happened a lot…

There are many ways to measure performance… It’s free, and the de facto standard in the digital marketing industry used by many companies is Google Analytics. The installation is very simple. This can be easily installed by a marketer like me. There is a way to plant a script directly on the homepage for Google Analytics installation…

I don’t recommend this method, but I want you to install Google Analytics through Google Tag Manager (GTM). The composition of the homepage is very diverse, but it is important to install it through e-commerce in the case of shopping malls. It’s actually not easy for someone who’s not a developer to install it. We recommend installing it through outsourcing companies and developers.

And in the case of a homepage other than a shopping mall, click events are used through GTM, and it can be easily set up if there is only a conversion completion page. In this case, it’s not a developer, but a marketer like me can do it easily. In this way, the shopping mall installs e-commerce, and the general homepage sets the transition that corresponds to the goal. And then a lot of visitors come to my homepage, and I can see how many “conversions” have happened.

In fact, many companies have attracted some visitors through advertising expenses. This is the only report we provide. But if you think about it, if there’s nothing special… If you spend a lot of money, the number of visitors increases. So I can’t say whether I did a good job marketing or not.

Digital marketing measurement

Then, how can I know the digital marketing measurement and performance?

You can see how many visitors came through Google Analytics and how many people made the transition. In general, if you have a 3% conversion rate, you’ve done a good marketing! You can say it like this.

Of course, you can’t see it as an absolute value, as a standard, but… We see it as an industry average. I’m coming out at about 1.5%, so I’ll have to work harder. Anyway, it’s easy for us to see how much the sales are compared to the total number of visitors.

And here we’re thinking, if there were three purchases out of 100 visitors, where did the incoming visitors make the sales… This is important.

For example, in my case, the results of visitors coming in from blogs are good, and the results of visitors coming in through Facebook advertisements are not very good. So I cut down on Facebook ads, write more posts on blogs, or work part-time jobs. It is important to increase the inflow of homepages through blogs.

Then I can expect better marketing results than before, and to know this, you basically have to use a parameter called UTM. You can see how much detail you can measure performance depending on how you use UTM, and my method is to trace when and with what keywords I visited through my blog post.

You can also find out whether it came in through Google’s general search or Google’s search advertisement. Whether Facebook came in through ads or posts… Furthermore, you can see when you came in through the writing.

You can also check this story through the link above, and here’s what it looks like this. Let’s install Google Analytics on your homepage. Actually, you’ve done a lot so far

We need to move on. I need to set up the conversion right away… The setting method is that the shopping mall can easily install an improved e-commerce through outsourcing companies or developers, and in the case of a general website, even a marketer like me can easily install it. Finally, you can use the UTM parameter to distinguish between detailed sources of inflow. Are you particularly good at using UTM parameters? It allows you to measure your performance accurately through digital marketing, and after measuring your performance, you spend a lot of money on good things and a lot of money on bad things. You can adjust it like this.

This is all I need to do. I think each marketing medium can proceed with the optimization work with the marketer that you do performance marketing.

Emerson’s Digital Marketing

Accelerate Digital Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry

7 reasons pharmaceutical companies are diversifying and investing heavily in digital marketing

Daewon Pharmaceutical introduces ‘Detox’, a medical information platform for health care professionals

More than half of Korean pharmaceutical companies’ medical information platforms open after COVID-19

Daewoong Pharmaceutical’s “Doctorville” academic event attracts 44,000 medical staff

Hanmi Pharmaceutical Promotes Metabus Application to HMP … Digital marketing competition is fierce

The flow of digital marketing in the pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry is further strengthening digital marketing even though the situation of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in Korea is heading toward endemic (the endemic disease of infectious diseases). Although many companies have already resumed face-to-face sales and marketing, it is read as an intention to actively utilize their online platform as non-face-to-face marketing methods have taken root in the wake of COVID-19.

Online marketing is characterized by not only cost, time, but also distance. As all purchases are resolved through computers or smartphones, users’ preferences are increasing. Companies are also prioritizing investment in the mobile sector. Beyond why we should do online marketing, we are thinking about how to do it. It is a natural landscape in the era of digital-friendly consumption. The same is true of pharmaceutical companies.

Daewon Pharmaceutical recently introduced a new medical information exchange platform “Detox” for health and medical experts in line with the trend of digital marketing.

Detox, which means communication and conversation with Daewon (D), is a digital platform designed to easily and quickly share meaningful knowledge and information to health and medical experts. It also means “DETOX” through communication.

It can be accessed with various devices such as PCs and smartphones, and consists of menus such as web symposiums, HOT-CLIP, e-DETAIL, and academic information. It not only provides real-time lectures on various topics, including the latest knowledge of famous domestic instructors, but also provides the latest pharmaceutical trends, disease information, issues, and video contents at home and abroad.

In commemoration of the opening of Detox, Daewon Pharmaceutical will hold a web symposium under the title of “2022 Daewon Agora Week” for five days quarterly this year. The Daewon Agora Week Web Symposium will hold lectures on respiratory, circulatory, musculoskeletal, digestive, and psychiatric subjects from Monday to Friday, respectively.

Currently, there are eight domestic pharmaceutical companies that open medical information platform sites and conduct digital marketing, including Daewon Pharmaceutical, #Hanmi Pharmaceutical (HMP), #Daewoong Pharmaceutical (Dr.ville), #Dongdong Pharmaceutical (Hudadak), #Yuhan Corporation (YuMedi), #Jonggeundang (Medi), and #Boryeong Pharmaceutical (Bridge). Among them, more than half of them, including Ildong Pharmaceutical, Yuhan Corporation, Chong Kun Dang, Boryeong Pharmaceutical, and Daewon Pharmaceutical, opened related sites after the COVID-19 situation in Korea began.

These pharmaceutical companies, which operate medical information platforms, are fiercely competing for marketing online by further strengthening related sites as the importance of non-face-to-face marketing has grown due to the prolonged COVID-19.

At the end of last year, Dong-A ST refurbished Showtime, a medical information site that was previously operated, and newly introduced it under the name of “Mediplex.” As academic events such as offline seminars were suspended due to COVID-19, the contents that were centered on products were composed of information on pure diseases, video contents related to medical knowledge, webinars, and web symposiums.

Ildong Pharmaceutical launched an additional healthcare platform for pharmacists in March, following “Hudak Health” for the general public and “Hudak Doctor” for medical personnel. It is a stepping stone to strengthen the communication infrastructure by providing a virtual space that allows multi-faceted communication between the three parties, including pharmacists, patients, doctors, and pharmacists.

Boryeong Pharmaceutical signed a business agreement with K-DOC, a medical platform, at the end of last year to strengthen bridge’s online content. K-Dak is a medical platform that provides various contents for medical personnel who wish to enter overseas markets, and Boryeong Pharmaceutical will be able to jointly broadcast K-Dak’s various online lectures through the agreement.

The reason why domestic pharmaceutical companies are introducing and strengthening medical information platform sites one after another is that the number of medical personnel who prefer non-face-to-face seminars and marketing has increased significantly.

In fact, Daewoong Pharmaceutical held the “Daewoong Medical Festival” (DMF) through its medical information platform, Doctor Bill, for five days from February 14 to 18 this year, and as many as 44,000 medical staff attended the academic event. It is a crowd of people that is difficult to expect at offline events held by individual pharmaceutical companies. This is why domestic pharmaceutical companies are further strengthening their medical information platform even when the COVID-19 Endemic is close.

Recently, pharmaceutical companies have even emerged to apply “metabus” to their medical information platforms. It is Hanmi Pharmaceutical. Hanmi Healthcare, an affiliate of Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group, signed a business agreement with Com2bus, a metaverse company, earlier this month.

Metabus refers to a virtual world that partially or completely replaces the real world. Based on Com2bus’ metaverse platform, Hanmi Healthcare plans to find a business model to expand various healthcare businesses currently underway, such as pharmaceutical businesses, into a three-dimensional virtual world, as well as apply the platform to its HMP platform.

An industry official said, “Currently, in the industry, offline and online sales and marketing have become a trend,” adding, “As digital marketing methods have already been established, online marketing competition among pharmaceutical companies will continue even if COVID-19 enters an endemic.”