Color therapy and marketing

Color therapy and marketing

Learn about yellow golden apple and yellow color therapy and marketing

When I saw the news on JTBC on November 2nd, “Yellow Neurosis” and “Behind the Yellow City” and a program that expresses the characteristics of Um Jung-hwa, Lee Hyo-ri, Jesse, and Hwa-sa in color on Saturday’s program, I thought color marketing has settled down in our daily lives.

Color Therapy

Especially, the title of JTBC’s article was “Yellow Neurosis,” so I was looking at it. The article said that Jangseong-gun received a good response while conducting a yellow-colored marketing and yellow city project in the village, but some residents are suffering from the use of yellow because they are too focused on using it. I interviewed someone who was forced to use yellow and got neurosis.

Following the Shine Muscat grapes, which were popular as gifts during Chuseok, yellow apples and golden apples, which are representative products promoted by Jangseong-gun in yellow village, are several times more expensive than the existing red apples, but they are not available at the shopping mall right now.

Golden Apple Therapy Marketing

I searched “Golden Apple” on Naver and found many shopping malls. The person who wants to buy it has a link in the image above. If you press it, it goes to Naver shopping. (It’s not advertising~) When I searched it, it was about 40,000 won for 15~16 departments. It’s very expensive compared to the red apple.

The story was completely out of yellow and only talked about golden apples. Back to the main point, why did Jangseong-gun choose yellow? How do people feel when they see the yellow gate that they see first when they enter Jangseong-gun?

The key keywords related to yellow are “hope,” “welcome,” and “happiness.” That is, yellow gives us a cheerful, friendly, warm and bright feeling. It’s very positive, right? And yellow is a color that stimulates the left brain and helps clear thinking and creativity.

When I saw this, I was like, “Oh?!” So, should I change the wall of my study room to yellow?” The reason is, do people become calm when they see yellow? Does it make you jump? It gives you a bright feeling and makes you jump, right? Therefore, you should mainly use blue or navy, which is one color, and use yellow as a point color in the study room.

And when a customer enters the store, such as a restaurant or clothing store, if you place an interior with yellow flowers or yellow in the front, the customer will feel, “Oh, I’m being welcomed.”

The yellow gate of Jangseong-gun means to welcome visitors to Jangseong-gun, so it can be seen as a good color marketing.

Also, yellow color therapy has to do with rational thoughts and clear thoughts, and it is a color that is close to sunlight, so it is helpful to detoxify food and use it when you have indigestion or energy. However, it is a color that should be careful of use because yellow cannot be calmed down if people who easily get excited or people who are nervous and stressed are close by.

Digital marketing measurement

Digital maketing

Let’s measure digital marketing performance

Through digital marketing measurement, visitors flow into the homepage, and membership or purchase occurs on the homepage.

In general, there are two types of digital marketing achievements.

It can be divided into direct and indirect performance. If we start with indirect performance, it’s roughly like this. If you market in various places such as Instagram and the community, you can’t put a link directly into the content itself, so the search volume increases from Naver or Google to “brand name,” which can be seen as an indirect marketing achievement.

I’ll talk about this in another article. In this article, we’re going to talk about “direct achievement.” And this performance measurement is going to talk about Google Analytics. About this, I installed it on my paid lecture site called Oh’s School and used it in various ways… And I organized the marketing performance.

Digital marketing measurement Statistics Analysis :: Google Analytics GA4, GA3 Version

It was in the summer of 2013 that I got to know Google Analytics. I’ve been running a blog, and I’ve had a few visitors… Facebook, cafe, search ads… And so on, I did marketing in various areas. And from the statistics on the website, I found out how many visitors there were, what domain they came into, and how many purchases occurred. By the way, this is the end. How customers move through the marketing content I intended, whether the actual purchase occurred through the marketing content I intended, or if the purchase occurred, which blog post happened a lot…

There are many ways to measure performance… It’s free, and the de facto standard in the digital marketing industry used by many companies is Google Analytics. The installation is very simple. This can be easily installed by a marketer like me. There is a way to plant a script directly on the homepage for Google Analytics installation…

I don’t recommend this method, but I want you to install Google Analytics through Google Tag Manager (GTM). The composition of the homepage is very diverse, but it is important to install it through e-commerce in the case of shopping malls. It’s actually not easy for someone who’s not a developer to install it. We recommend installing it through outsourcing companies and developers.

And in the case of a homepage other than a shopping mall, click events are used through GTM, and it can be easily set up if there is only a conversion completion page. In this case, it’s not a developer, but a marketer like me can do it easily. In this way, the shopping mall installs e-commerce, and the general homepage sets the transition that corresponds to the goal. And then a lot of visitors come to my homepage, and I can see how many “conversions” have happened.

In fact, many companies have attracted some visitors through advertising expenses. This is the only report we provide. But if you think about it, if there’s nothing special… If you spend a lot of money, the number of visitors increases. So I can’t say whether I did a good job marketing or not.

Digital marketing measurement

Then, how can I know the digital marketing measurement and performance?

You can see how many visitors came through Google Analytics and how many people made the transition. In general, if you have a 3% conversion rate, you’ve done a good marketing! You can say it like this.

Of course, you can’t see it as an absolute value, as a standard, but… We see it as an industry average. I’m coming out at about 1.5%, so I’ll have to work harder. Anyway, it’s easy for us to see how much the sales are compared to the total number of visitors.

And here we’re thinking, if there were three purchases out of 100 visitors, where did the incoming visitors make the sales… This is important.

For example, in my case, the results of visitors coming in from blogs are good, and the results of visitors coming in through Facebook advertisements are not very good. So I cut down on Facebook ads, write more posts on blogs, or work part-time jobs. It is important to increase the inflow of homepages through blogs.

Then I can expect better marketing results than before, and to know this, you basically have to use a parameter called UTM. You can see how much detail you can measure performance depending on how you use UTM, and my method is to trace when and with what keywords I visited through my blog post.

You can also find out whether it came in through Google’s general search or Google’s search advertisement. Whether Facebook came in through ads or posts… Furthermore, you can see when you came in through the writing.

You can also check this story through the link above, and here’s what it looks like this. Let’s install Google Analytics on your homepage. Actually, you’ve done a lot so far

We need to move on. I need to set up the conversion right away… The setting method is that the shopping mall can easily install an improved e-commerce through outsourcing companies or developers, and in the case of a general website, even a marketer like me can easily install it. Finally, you can use the UTM parameter to distinguish between detailed sources of inflow. Are you particularly good at using UTM parameters? It allows you to measure your performance accurately through digital marketing, and after measuring your performance, you spend a lot of money on good things and a lot of money on bad things. You can adjust it like this.

This is all I need to do. I think each marketing medium can proceed with the optimization work with the marketer that you do performance marketing.

Emerson’s Digital Marketing

Accelerate Digital Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry

7 reasons pharmaceutical companies are diversifying and investing heavily in digital marketing

Daewon Pharmaceutical introduces ‘Detox’, a medical information platform for health care professionals

More than half of Korean pharmaceutical companies’ medical information platforms open after COVID-19

Daewoong Pharmaceutical’s “Doctorville” academic event attracts 44,000 medical staff

Hanmi Pharmaceutical Promotes Metabus Application to HMP … Digital marketing competition is fierce

The flow of digital marketing in the pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry is further strengthening digital marketing even though the situation of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in Korea is heading toward endemic (the endemic disease of infectious diseases). Although many companies have already resumed face-to-face sales and marketing, it is read as an intention to actively utilize their online platform as non-face-to-face marketing methods have taken root in the wake of COVID-19.

Online marketing is characterized by not only cost, time, but also distance. As all purchases are resolved through computers or smartphones, users’ preferences are increasing. Companies are also prioritizing investment in the mobile sector. Beyond why we should do online marketing, we are thinking about how to do it. It is a natural landscape in the era of digital-friendly consumption. The same is true of pharmaceutical companies.

Daewon Pharmaceutical recently introduced a new medical information exchange platform “Detox” for health and medical experts in line with the trend of digital marketing.

Detox, which means communication and conversation with Daewon (D), is a digital platform designed to easily and quickly share meaningful knowledge and information to health and medical experts. It also means “DETOX” through communication.

It can be accessed with various devices such as PCs and smartphones, and consists of menus such as web symposiums, HOT-CLIP, e-DETAIL, and academic information. It not only provides real-time lectures on various topics, including the latest knowledge of famous domestic instructors, but also provides the latest pharmaceutical trends, disease information, issues, and video contents at home and abroad.

In commemoration of the opening of Detox, Daewon Pharmaceutical will hold a web symposium under the title of “2022 Daewon Agora Week” for five days quarterly this year. The Daewon Agora Week Web Symposium will hold lectures on respiratory, circulatory, musculoskeletal, digestive, and psychiatric subjects from Monday to Friday, respectively.

Currently, there are eight domestic pharmaceutical companies that open medical information platform sites and conduct digital marketing, including Daewon Pharmaceutical, #Hanmi Pharmaceutical (HMP), #Daewoong Pharmaceutical (Dr.ville), #Dongdong Pharmaceutical (Hudadak), #Yuhan Corporation (YuMedi), #Jonggeundang (Medi), and #Boryeong Pharmaceutical (Bridge). Among them, more than half of them, including Ildong Pharmaceutical, Yuhan Corporation, Chong Kun Dang, Boryeong Pharmaceutical, and Daewon Pharmaceutical, opened related sites after the COVID-19 situation in Korea began.

These pharmaceutical companies, which operate medical information platforms, are fiercely competing for marketing online by further strengthening related sites as the importance of non-face-to-face marketing has grown due to the prolonged COVID-19.

At the end of last year, Dong-A ST refurbished Showtime, a medical information site that was previously operated, and newly introduced it under the name of “Mediplex.” As academic events such as offline seminars were suspended due to COVID-19, the contents that were centered on products were composed of information on pure diseases, video contents related to medical knowledge, webinars, and web symposiums.

Ildong Pharmaceutical launched an additional healthcare platform for pharmacists in March, following “Hudak Health” for the general public and “Hudak Doctor” for medical personnel. It is a stepping stone to strengthen the communication infrastructure by providing a virtual space that allows multi-faceted communication between the three parties, including pharmacists, patients, doctors, and pharmacists.

Boryeong Pharmaceutical signed a business agreement with K-DOC, a medical platform, at the end of last year to strengthen bridge’s online content. K-Dak is a medical platform that provides various contents for medical personnel who wish to enter overseas markets, and Boryeong Pharmaceutical will be able to jointly broadcast K-Dak’s various online lectures through the agreement.

The reason why domestic pharmaceutical companies are introducing and strengthening medical information platform sites one after another is that the number of medical personnel who prefer non-face-to-face seminars and marketing has increased significantly.

In fact, Daewoong Pharmaceutical held the “Daewoong Medical Festival” (DMF) through its medical information platform, Doctor Bill, for five days from February 14 to 18 this year, and as many as 44,000 medical staff attended the academic event. It is a crowd of people that is difficult to expect at offline events held by individual pharmaceutical companies. This is why domestic pharmaceutical companies are further strengthening their medical information platform even when the COVID-19 Endemic is close.

Recently, pharmaceutical companies have even emerged to apply “metabus” to their medical information platforms. It is Hanmi Pharmaceutical. Hanmi Healthcare, an affiliate of Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group, signed a business agreement with Com2bus, a metaverse company, earlier this month.

Metabus refers to a virtual world that partially or completely replaces the real world. Based on Com2bus’ metaverse platform, Hanmi Healthcare plans to find a business model to expand various healthcare businesses currently underway, such as pharmaceutical businesses, into a three-dimensional virtual world, as well as apply the platform to its HMP platform.

An industry official said, “Currently, in the industry, offline and online sales and marketing have become a trend,” adding, “As digital marketing methods have already been established, online marketing competition among pharmaceutical companies will continue even if COVID-19 enters an endemic.”

Heal 오피 spa therapy shampoo and the foundation for healthy scalp! Recommended for scalp shampoo

I happened to learn about the Hill 오피 Spa Therapy Shampoo after watching a video of a professional hairdresser on how to wash your hair well. I think everyone has heard this information at least once. But I don’t know why we always forget and go back to our old bad habits.

I’m paying a lot of attention to my scalp’s health because of my frequent troubles. I thought that the reason why trouble occurs so often in the back of my neck was because I was washing my forgotten hair in a bad position. I didn’t think I should teach my children how to wash their hair in the right posture while giving them a bath every day. After watching this video, I thought I had to tell my children this information.

Hair loss-relieving shampoo Hill 오피 spa therapy shampoo and the foundation for healthy scalp! Recommended for scalp shampoo

It’s just as important as the right way to wash your hair in the right posture, so it’s very important to use the right ingredient of green shampoo, right? Let me introduce you to the oil and water balance of the scalp and the green shampoo for smooth, dead skin and sebum-free scalp.

It’s a hair loss-relieving shampoo, Hill 오피 Spa Therapy Shampoo. Healthy hair starts with healthy scalp, right?

Recently, my wife happened to look at my hair and asked me why there are so many dead skin cells on my scalp Since then, I’ve been trying to use various scalp massages and scalp brushes to keep my scalp healthy. The dead skin cells on the scalp that were formed once didn’t disappear easily.

Scalp Shampoo Hill 오피 Spa Therapy Shampoo calms the scalp tired from the external environment and irritation, and creates a clean hair environment to create a foundation for a healthy scalp. It is said that biotin (vitamin B 7,600mg combined) can greatly help relieve hair loss by supplying nutrients to the hair and scalp.

If you are interested in hair loss and scalp, you will know the importance and efficacy of biotin.

Biotin is said to be excellent for scalp and hair as well as nail health, so it’s better to rinse it clean in lukewarm water that feels cool after 2 minutes of scalp massage.

It’s a shampoo that even the hair salon owners use and praised very much. I could feel the softness of my hair after washing it, not the stiffness of my hair that I get when I use a normal hair loss shampoo.

It’s a scalp shampoo that’s recommended for those who don’t have strength in their hair, who easily fades, have sensitive scalp, and who think they need care because of severe hair loss.

The formulation of hair loss-free shampoo is a slightly viscous form, and the main ingredients are biotin (enriching hair and preventing hair loss) / rosemary leaf extract (helps the scalp to calm the scalp) / Hydrolyzed Keratin (helps the hair to stay healthy).

The patented shampoo, scalp, shampoo, 오피 spa therapy shampoo is a shampoo made with healthy ingredients.

Hair loss relief shampoo Hill 오피 Spa Therapy Shampoo When you wash your hair enough, your scalp feels soft. I think this is the spa therapy effect. It’s a different feeling to say it’s a cooling feeling. I felt it on my scalp even after washing my hair. I could fully feel that I washed my hair, not that this feeling was burdensome or too weak.

There’s another important part of the hair loss relief shampoo, Hill 오피 Spa Therapy Shampoo. I think that’s the price.

In the case of functional shampoo, you can see that it’s formed at a high price. I think one of the great advantages is that you can use functional shampoo with good ingredients at a reasonable price.

I hope you don’t forget that using it consistently in your daily life is also very important in making our healthy scalp. I think it is also important to use shampoo that is as good as washing your hair in the right posture and that matches your constitution.

It has a large capacity of 500ml and good ingredients. Even a good price! I think a good review from the room users is the confidence to recommend Hill Office Spa Therapy Scalp Shampoo. Haha

In addition to the 오피 spa therapy type that I used, there are a total of three types of shampoo: aroma moisturizer/basic balance shampoo. You can choose and use it according to your type, so it seems like a more detailed professional functional shampoo. ^^

You can purchase Hill-Office Spa Therapy Shampoo through the link below. Please check the details on the official website of the product.

Gangnam 오피서비스 Latest Information

Gangnam 오피서비스 Latest Information


100 Information About Gangnam OP Service

It is located near Seolleung Station Street, 6 Teheran-ro 48-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.
The price varies from 200,000 to 300,000 courses per person.
The company information goes to work on average (35 employees per week) (50 employees per night) per day.
Old)Hera 오피서비스 is a traditional 오피서비스 in Gangnam that has been around for more than 10 years.
Castel Pommel horse representative number: 010-3953-6828
It’s always a place with a lot of customers, so please make a reservation an hour before you come. I’ll serve you with all my heart.

Gangnam Tetis 오피서비스

Introduction of business: 41 people in the daytime and 58 people in the nighttime.
Event: Premium VIP, op사이트 순위
Price: Course 200,000 to 300,000 won. 오피스텔
Address: It is located 5 minutes away from Seolleung Station in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu.
Service: If you have seen Facebook, we will give you a 10,000 won discount.
Review: Good mind of the 오피서비스 manager and coordinator. 상남동 물 다이
Phone number: 010-3953-6828
The Tetis 오피서비스 is the best Seolleung 오피서비스 that has been No. 1 in Seolneung for 10 years. I’ll take you with all my heart.

Gangnam Tomato 오피서비스

Shop introduction: 50 female employees conduct various programs.
Price: Course 200,000 to 300,000
Address: It is located at Yeoksam Station in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu.
Service: 10,000 won discount coupon will be issued.
Phone number: You can find it on the Run People website. 오피스타 단속
The tomato 오피서비스 is the best Yeoksam 오피서비스 that has been No. 1 in Yeoksam-dong for 10 years. I’ll take you with all my heart.

Gangnam Goldfish 오피서비스

Shop introduction: 46 employees per day and 54 employees per night are on standby.
Event: Premium VIP
Price: Course 200,000 to 300,000 System
Address: 5 minutes away from Yeoksam Station in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu
Service: 10,000 won DC if you have seen Facebook or 존스쿨
Profile: Jinah, Seojin, Binwoo
Review: Female employee mind water quality is good.
Phone number: 010-3953-6828
The goldfish 오피서비스 is the best Yeoksam 오피서비스 that has been No. 1 in Gangnam Station for 10 years. I’ll take you with all my heart.


Cheongdam-dong Fish 오피서비스

Representative phone number: 010-3953-6828
Fish 오피서비스 was chosen as the best 1st place for Gangnam 오피서비스 in 2020! Let me explain why Haha
First 오랜 I’m sure you all know where the old tradition is. It’s one of the systems here that was loved by the two-shot system. When a manager with good quality and good service at the same price won the game with a two-shot shot.

Second one is 초 Choice method This is the original tablet PC. Due to the nature of Gangnam 오피서비스, it was almost impossible to choose. I tried it for the first time in a fish 오피서비스. This system was a big hit. I think it’s around 2008.
Third, 아시는 I’m sure some of you know If you go to the elevator for the first time in Gangnam, it’s a good service! An angel manager wearing a mask provides a preview service. I also thought this service was amazing. I think it is still popular because it is loved by many people from the middle of 2000 to now.I know that the price has increased more than before, so it is formed around 230,000. This place was located near the intersection of Gangnam-gu Office Station, but now it is open to the 2nd and 3rd stores, and it is also open in Yeoksam-dong and Seolneung. If you want to know more information and reviews, search and contact Run People, a Gangnam 오피서비스 analysis site.

Let me introduce Gangnam 오피서비스.

Gangnam 오피서비스 is a better system than the original 오피서비스, and it is a top-class system 오피서비스 that can only be used in Gangnam, and most people call it Gangnam 오피서비스 as well as Gangnam 오피서비스. In addition, this top-notch system 오피서비스 is popular in Gangnam and is now called Gangnam 오피서비스. Compared to other 오피서비스s, Gangnam 오피서비스’s special system provides valet parking services when using a vehicle, constitutes a better top-class course among many courses, and has a sleeping room and sauna facilities where you can sleep and stay.
Usually, people say, “A 오피서비스 is the same as a 오피서비스 in Gangnam. What’s wrong with that?” ” As they say, there is a significant difference between general 오피서비스 and Gangnam 오피서비스 in terms of facilities or services provided. Also, unlike other 오피서비스 parlors, Gangnam 오피서비스 does not require advance payment or deposit. Also, Gangnam 오피서비스 does not require a deposit for reservation. Pre-payment is not a post-payment system, but a pre-payment system that accepts reservations before visiting and transfers the usage fee first. The only way to filter out prepayment private companies is not to go to prepayment companies, so you should use verified businesses such as Gangnam 오피서비스. Most of the companies that make advance payments are private companies, and they aim for the financial part of their customers. If I explain the difference between Gangnam 오피서비스 and general 오피서비스 as above, there are many differences in the service provided, and the operating system itself is clearly different from that of Gangnam 오피서비스.

To find out what Gangnam 오피서비스 is, the most basic meaning of 오피서비스 is to help blood circulation by tapping or rubbing the body with your hands. Most people who receive or use 오피서비스s typically use them to recover from fatigue or to relax stiff muscles when they are accumulated, but the detailed advantage is that they make the circulation of fluids such as blood and lymphatic fluid smooth. It improves blood circulation, relieves swelling, and helps release waste from the body. In particular, studies have shown that 오피서비스 helps relieve muscle pain by discharging fatigue substances and reducing pain-causing substances. As the muscles relax, stress is relieved. You can soothe your tired body and mind through 오피서비스s.


Korea’s No. 1 Gangnam 오피서비스 Size Edition

Hello, I would like to introduce the size of the outstanding managers of our Gangnam 오피서비스 shop in more detail. There are many advertisements for businesses on the Internet, but our Gangnam 오피서비스 will introduce you to some things that are more special and interesting than other businesses. Our Gangnam 오피서비스 managers’ age range is from early 20s to late 30s, and there are more than 50 managers waiting. It’s high enough for everyone to be satisfied.
It’s different from other companies that say it’s pretty in words. It is a level that we can definitely match the tastes of all bosses in their 20s and beyond, and the bosses who select ace managers through special interviews and select procedures to visit our Gangnam 오피서비스 company are composed of excellent managers.

Basically, it goes without saying that managers of various bodies, including glamorous bodies and slenders with special tastes, are always on standby, and managers with good looks from the celebrity level are working. You’ll know when you come here, but it’s pretty. It’s not just pretty. It’s pretty enough to discourage a real man. There are as many high-class managers as women who are not pretty enough to want to get a number when seen on the street, but dare not. Not all of us are as pretty as celebrities, but we can confidently answer that we are the only businesses where beautiful managers work in the country. If you contact me just once, I am confident that I will not visit other businesses again and only let you visit our Gangnam business. I think that our Gangnam 오피서비스 is the best in Korea without a doubt, and I am working hard with the idea of protecting this throne. We will try our best to fit the size of the boss and hope to build strong trust with each other.

In addition, our Gangnam 오피서비스 managers will always provide the best service and best minds to the bosses by conducting regular training, and I hope you don’t get injured by visiting other businesses. Enjoy full service, satisfactory size, all amenities, and an easy way to get in touch anytime. And in the meantime, all the managers who have frequently made claims have been filtered out, and there are always many new and exciting new faces. The boss who has previously used it can choose a separate choice if he has a manager he wants, and it is always the same service as the first time, which steadily increases the revisit rate and is being praised by many presidents.


Korea’s Best Gangnam 오피서비스 Service

The “service” of the Gangnam 오피서비스 operation principle is defined as a small smile and gesture that moves the minds of the bosses more than any good system and theory. Service is all about expressing positive minds sensibly, pleasing, and comforting the bodies and minds of the bosses. I will do my best for the happiness of the bosses by dedicating myself. Warm response and kindness are basic, and I will keep a bright smile and friendliness.

Op site ”오피 플런” Jeonbuk branch, massaging volunteer work – Emerson’s Digital Marketing

오피 플런 Therapy Review of Healing Swedish

오피 플런 I’m here to get a massage at the therapy

오피 플런 테라피

I got an hour of swedish. I’m very satisfied. The manager’s touch is the best, so I want to go get it because I keep thinking about the time I’m writing. The interior is divided into several private rooms in a bright tone. It’s so bright and pretty that it’s good. I changed clothes comfortably in a single room and lied down. 오피 플런 It’s my first time getting a suede on therapy and you really untie the exact place!~!

“Seocho Massage Shop, Yangjae Massage”

오피 플런 Their basic settings are in the room so that you can get your hair done after the Swedish massage service is over. So it was so nice!

The interior space was comfortable and the subtle lighting was perfect for the swedish. I felt good for some reason because it was well organized. I liked the green interior because it made me feel comfortable. There seemed to be a lot of rooms. I took a picture in another room. Basically, you don’t have to meet anyone else because you change your clothes in a single room. I really liked that. I went to many places to get massages, and Geumhwa is the best! I understand why 오피 플런 Therapy recommended by 오피사이트 is famous. He’s very careful about his body
He explains and massages everything that’s bad for him. He controls it by himself. I registered as a regular store because I have knowledge and insight about massage.

오피 플런 테라피

He’s really good here. A place where you don’t regret it!

The reviews of visitors are good, too. There was a good reason. I like it so much that I want to buy it every day if I have a lot of money. I got a massage from a very uncomfortable body and came out with a very comfortable body. I feel lighter because you relieve the pain well.

오피 플런 Therapy Review of Healing Swedish – papago blog

Op site “오피 플런” Jeonbuk branch, massaging volunteer work

Op site - 오피 플런

Op site Incheon branch provides massage services to small business owners in traditional markets on June 19

On the 10th of the Jeonbuk branch of “오피 플런,” an Op site composed of visually impaired people, announced that it is conducting massage volunteer activities for the disabled and the general public.

To conduct regular massage volunteer activities, they visit related institutions in the province and recruit volunteers every month to conduct massage volunteer activities.

Volunteer activities are being conducted on the fourth Thursday of every month, including signing an agreement with the Jeonju Public Health Center. On the first Wednesday, he is volunteering at the Gunsan City Health Center.

“By actively and continuously utilizing the massage area for community service, it is expected to change the social perception that the disabled are beneficiaries, enhance the negative image of massage houses, and contribute to improving the health of local residents, and we hope to respond and cooperate with related organizations and many local residents.”

Massage services to help market traders

In addition, it consists of a total of 16 branches, including the Op Site Central Association, and a total of 190 members are active in the Jeonbuk branch. Members of the Jeollabuk-do branch are active in various fields such as “Op Service,” “Massage voucher,” and “Visually Disabled Massage Dispatching Project.”

Incheon branch of the Op site provides massage service

On June 19, the Incheon branch of the Op Site will conduct a business that provides massage services to small business owners in traditional markets at Bupyeong Market.

Op site Incheon branch provides massage services to small business owners in traditional markets on June 19

This project will be carried out twice a month from June 19 to November 31 by revitalizing the traditional market that has fallen due to COVID-19 and providing jobs to visually impaired massage workers suffering from economic difficulties.

Subject to the service are small business owners and citizens who visit markets in 16 traditional markets in Incheon, and visually impaired massage workers who are engaged in the field visit traditional markets in person to provide massage services centered on neck and shoulders per user.

The efficacy of the massage decomposes, filters, and absorbs and regenerates fish blood, which causes all diseases, by pressure stimulation, and promotes skin breathing to purify blood. In addition, it is expected to be a very useful service for merchants by not only strengthening the body, but also improving the constitution and improving natural healing power to prevent various diseases.

Characteristics of Digital Marketing

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Characteristics of Digital Marketing

As mentioned above, digital marketing is rapidly developing and expanding, and theories and practices are also constantly changing. However, digital marketing consumers also have different details, like traditional marketing consumers, but the consumption journey to exposure > cognition > exploration > transition/purchase > fan is the same. Other points are that digital marketing has added online elements to the overall framework of traditional marketing consumers, accelerated exposure rates, and broadened exposure ranges.

In addition, as it is a changing digital marketing, if marketing was focused only on online in the beginning, it is checking the advantages of connecting not only online but also offline depending on the industry and coming up with ways to coexist or complement each other. For example, it can be found in offline reverse expansion beyond online such as first-generation online shopping mall ★ 런피플★, op-platform ★ Office Site★, and national massage platform ★ Gangnam massage recommendation★.

Composition of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is conducted by selecting each marketing method tailored to the consumer’s exposure > awareness > exploration > transition/purchase > fan’s point of view according to the industry (including consumer propensity according to the).
Based on advertising, branding, data analysis, customer response, and customer relationship management (CRM*), companies conduct performance marketing, viral marketing, influencer marketing, eDM (e-mail), SMS (text message), and traditional online and offline events, exhibitions and seminars, and promotions. Digital marketing can see continuous results when various marketing methods tailored to industry and consumer characteristics are used from a long-term perspective rather than a single marketing method. In particular, using data to analyze and introduce it serves as an amplifier for continuous performance and can be said to be basic in digital marketing.

Types of Digital Marketing

01 Advertising
Advertising also includes commercial broadcasting and PPL advertising by four traditional media outlets. Currently, broadcast advertisements sent to the four major media are edited and advertised to match YouTube or Google TV. Accordingly, video advertisements that are transmitted between the start of video content such as YouTube advertisements and Google TV are also included in the advertisement It also includes Google ads, Daum ads, Kakao Talk ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, TikTok ads, cafe ads, Creteo ads, and cash slides. Official advertisements posted on each platform are included in the category of ‘advertising’.

If you look at “Google*” among platform advertisements here, there are two types of Google advertisements: search advertisements and display advertisements. Search ads include power links, shopping, power content, brand search ads, and display ads, including special DA, smart channel, branding DA, timeboard, rollingboard, first view, coupleboard, mobile integrated display, PC integrated display, mobile news, mobile weather, mail native, cafe feed, finance, and car ads. In addition, there are advertisements for each topic, video advertisements in Google video content, band advertisements, webtoon advertisements, and influencer advertisements. Here, influencer advertisement refers to an advertisement posted in the ‘influencer’ section, which is classified as a category on Google.

02 Branding
Branding is to raise awareness of the brand, build trust, deliver value, and ultimately create loyal customers through the positive experience of the brand, as a result of the process and result of the relationship between companies and consumers. In response, digital marketing operates UX, UI, detailed pages, campaigns and promotions, and its own social media (on-media*), blogs, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, brunch, and cafes, continuously trying to make a voice, create and maintain relationships.

03 Data Analysis
As digital marketing is operated online (including mobile devices), it can track people who travel to and from websites and apps, and people who use on-demand media. In addition, the performance of advertisements executed can be checked, so the marketer also analyzes the data for the purpose of collecting, analyzing, improving, and retargeting* data. Data analysis tools include Google Analytics and Ace Counter.

04 Customer Service
Customer response is sometimes operated by the CS* team, but if there is no separate team depending on the size of the company, the marketer is also in charge. In addition, as chatbots using artificial intelligence (AI) are launched, marketers design primary customer response by collecting inquiries and complaints mainly received about the company’s products and services. However, if a marketer is involved, in addition to Q&A on products and services to respond to customers, product guidance to promote sales may be included. Chatbots are created with icons at the bottom when you enter the website, and consultations are conducted as if you were chatting. First, options are given according to the manual, and the theme of the story is gradually narrowed according to the answer.

05 Customer relationship management
Customer relationship management, referred to as CRM, ranges from potential customers who have not yet purchased products and services to excellent customers who show enthusiastic responses. It operates Facebook pages, groups, and cafes for potential customers and interested customers to share information and hold events, and operates memberships based on the purchase of products and services to provide benefits according to member ratings. In addition, blue-chip customers need continuous attention by providing privileges for excellent members. Munhakdongne conducts information sharing and events through Google Cafe to interact with fans, and AmorePacific operates a separate beauty point website, a membership of the company, and continues to manage its members.

06 Performance Marketing

07 Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is based on SEO*, and there are search exposure and blind types. The search exposure type is carried out by 1) using Google Blogger 2) using T-story Blogger using heavyweight users of the platform, who are relatively easy to search and expose. Blind type is a user who works on Facebook pages, groups, cafes, communities, and intellectuals rather than direct exposure such as 1) Facebook page users, 2) Facebook group users, 3) Cafe users, and community users. In most of these cases, the Fair Trade Commission’s Display Advertising Act is not observed. Of course, it is illegal under the Display Advertising Act.

08 influencer Marketing

influencer Marketing is a marketing using influencer, which is “influential” on each platform, and Google Blogger, Instagram influencer, YouTuber Creator, Today’s House Heavy User, and TikTok Crew are used. Because they expose with power (followers, subscribers, etc.) on the platform, each article and photo is charged and everything is included. However, according to the Fair Trade Commission’s Advertising Act, hashtags such as #advertising #sponsorship are essential.

09 eDM

eDM stands for Electronic Direct Mail and refers to advertisements sent by e-mail. When collecting e-mail addresses, eDM requires consent for collection under the Personal Information Protection Act, and must notify in advance that collection is based on the sending of the corresponding e-mail. In addition, if eDM includes commercial advertisements for profit, it is essential to mark (advertisement) in the title according to the Korea Internet & Security Agency’s spam-related information and communication network law.

10 SMS

Marketing through the text message transmission service is currently transmitted through the long letter MMS and Kakao Talk channels as well as the short letter SMS. Like eDM, text message transmission services also require consent to collect mobile phone numbers under the Personal Information Protection Act, and must be notified in advance that collection is based on sending text messages. In addition, if text messages include commercial advertisements for profit, (advertisements) must be marked in the title according to the Korea Internet & Security Agency’s Spam-related Information and Communication Network Act.

11 Online and offline events

It is an online and offline event that is held in a single way with the aim of attracting consumers’ attention at once. Since a few years ago, events have also been held to connect online and offline contacts, such as “Take a QR code,” “Please certify on Instagram,” and “Please leave a hashtag.” In the U.S., if the local sports team wins, they also held an event to give free food if they leave congratulatory messages for the #hashtag from corporate brands. In general, it can be seen that the more likely the one-off event is to receive the easier the application method or the more prizes there are, the more the effect is amplified. However, volatility is high.