Color therapy and marketing

Learn about yellow golden apple and yellow color therapy and marketing

When I saw the news on JTBC on November 2nd, “Yellow Neurosis” and “Behind the Yellow City” and a program that expresses the characteristics of Um Jung-hwa, Lee Hyo-ri, Jesse, and Hwa-sa in color on Saturday’s program, I thought color marketing has settled down in our daily lives.

Color Therapy

Especially, the title of JTBC’s article was “Yellow Neurosis,” so I was looking at it. The article said that Jangseong-gun received a good response while conducting a yellow-colored marketing and yellow city project in the village, but some residents are suffering from the use of yellow because they are too focused on using it. I interviewed someone who was forced to use yellow and got neurosis.

Following the Shine Muscat grapes, which were popular as gifts during Chuseok, yellow apples and golden apples, which are representative products promoted by Jangseong-gun in yellow village, are several times more expensive than the existing red apples, but they are not available at the shopping mall right now.

Golden Apple Therapy Marketing

I searched “Golden Apple” on Naver and found many shopping malls. The person who wants to buy it has a link in the image above. If you press it, it goes to Naver shopping. (It’s not advertising~) When I searched it, it was about 40,000 won for 15~16 departments. It’s very expensive compared to the red apple.

The story was completely out of yellow and only talked about golden apples. Back to the main point, why did Jangseong-gun choose yellow? How do people feel when they see the yellow gate that they see first when they enter Jangseong-gun?

The key keywords related to yellow are “hope,” “welcome,” and “happiness.” That is, yellow gives us a cheerful, friendly, warm and bright feeling. It’s very positive, right? And yellow is a color that stimulates the left brain and helps clear thinking and creativity.

When I saw this, I was like, “Oh?!” So, should I change the wall of my study room to yellow?” The reason is, do people become calm when they see yellow? Does it make you jump? It gives you a bright feeling and makes you jump, right? Therefore, you should mainly use blue or navy, which is one color, and use yellow as a point color in the study room.

And when a customer enters the store, such as a restaurant or clothing store, if you place an interior with yellow flowers or yellow in the front, the customer will feel, “Oh, I’m being welcomed.”

The yellow gate of Jangseong-gun means to welcome visitors to Jangseong-gun, so it can be seen as a good color marketing.

Also, yellow color therapy has to do with rational thoughts and clear thoughts, and it is a color that is close to sunlight, so it is helpful to detoxify food and use it when you have indigestion or energy. However, it is a color that should be careful of use because yellow cannot be calmed down if people who easily get excited or people who are nervous and stressed are close by.